Chiropractic care and Massage therapy working together

While each therapy offers considerable benefits on their own, they complement each
other well to create a comprehensive treatment plan for many conditions or injuries.
Both therapies are available at The Health and Wellbeing Studio too.

Massage can enable a more effective chiropractic visit. Therapeutic massage
warms up muscles and relaxes the body, enabling the chiropractor to maximize
chiropractic treatment for optimal results.

Chiropractic care takes massage therapy's efforts further. Each treatment offers
relief and recovery to certain areas of the body. Massage produces relaxation in
muscles, relieving tension and toxins. Chiropractic care picks up where massage
leaves off and extends the treatment efforts to the body's tendons, joints, bones and
the nervous system.

The combination of both works on the body as a whole. Both treatments focus on
broad rejuvenation and healing techniques for full body health. In a variety of instances,
chiropractic care shows significant increases in treating the overall root of the problem
when used in combination with massage therapy.
Massage therapy also serves to relax and de-stress, preparing them to go into
chiropractic treatments less stressed or tightly wound. A relaxed person's body tends to respond better to treatment, and results in greater patient comfort. This benefits the
entire process, as a painless, comfortable visit increases a person's openness and
commitment to care.

Working together produces longer lasting results. Both massage therapy and
chiropractic care serve to attain the goal of healing and recovery. Achieving a
synergistic effect is possible when both treatments are employed simultaneously.
Chiropractic care may work deeper and last longer when paired with massage therapy,
especially with chronic, painful health issues.
Patients who seek help with musculo-skeletal conditions or injuries benefit and see
results from massage therapy or chiropractic care separately. Both forms of therapeutic
relief used together may create an even more significant, longer last result. Chiropractic
care and massage therapy complement each other and offer positive benefits to a
variety of painful health issues.