At Malton and Easingwold Chiropractic, we welcome feedback from our patients.  Over the years Melanie Clark DC has had the pleasure of working with many different patients, many of whom have kindly provided testimonials which we proudly present below.


I have suffered from lower-back pain intermittently over the last 20 years. I am now 65. When I first sought help from GPs I was “treated” with little more than anti-inflammatories. Fortunately, for most of the last 9 years I have been treated - and helped immeasurably - by Mel. Every time my back has “gone” (usually due to some ill-judged bit of DIY or heavy lifting) she has fixed it. This invariably involves an extremely precise and rapid assessment of what is causing the pain - and, often, some associated problems - followed by consistently effective treatment. Oh, and all done in the friendliest possible manner. I am very grateful for the treatment Mel has given me and for the huge difference it has made to what I have been able to do. For anyone suffering with back pain, I recommend her without hesitation.
— Brian

The treatment I have received from Melanie has been excellent. On my first visit the acute pain I was suffering was soon diagnosed and treated. The benefits of having regular treatment has meant that I was soon back to my normal agile self. I continue to benefit from follow up treatment sessions, to ensure that any niggles I may be experiencing are soon dealt with. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and now realise the enormous benefits which can be gained through regular visits, I would whole heartedly recommend the treatment!
— Anne

I first went to see Mel probably some 2 years ago because of the unbearable pain and discomfort in my shoulder
I liked Mel straight away, probably because she allowed me to witter away while she worked her magic on my shoulder
It took around 3 months of regular treatment ( massage acupuncture & gentle manipulation) before it was back to normal.
My problem will always exist to some degree because of the nature of my job & hobbies and because i get quite tense without realising it.
I still go to see Mel about every 3 months. She is wonderful, brilliant in fact very professional and doesn’t seem to mind the wittering.
— Maureen

I started using Chiropractic treatment several years ago following problems with my back. I have always been very happy with my treatment, and find now that if I see Mel every 6 weeks for ‘maintenance’ my back problems are much less severe. I would gladly recommend Mel to anyone I feel would benefit from a chiropractor.
— Glenise