Initial Consultation

Initial visits to the clinic last one hour, during which we will discuss your current problem, and also your medical history and overall health. This will help the chiropractor establish an overall picture of your health and determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition. This will then be followed by a thorough physical examination to work out what is causing your problem.

Once the physical examination has been completed, the chiropractor will explain what is causing your problem, and what your treatment plan will involve. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and everything will be explained in full, so that you can actively take part in your recovery.

The majority of patients will receive a treatment on the first visit. However, in some circumstances, further investigations may be required before commencing treatment. Malton and Easingwold Chiropractic can refer you for a private x-ray or write to your GP in such cases.


Follow-up visits

At Malton and Easingwold Chiropractic, treatment will be tailored to your needs and follow up appointments typically last around 30 minutes, so we have plenty of time to thoroughly address your problem. Chiropractic care often takes place over a number of weeks, particularly if you have had the problem for some time. Your chiropractor will discuss your programme of care with you, which will usually involve a series of treatments being given at defined intervals.

Initially, the aim of treatment is to relieve your pain and restore your mobility. When your discomfort is reduced, we will then focus on restoring correct movement and function by supplementing treatment with advice on exercises for rehabilitation, nutritional, lifestyle and ergonomic advice.

Many people find that they benefit from periodic check ups to maintain their improvement and keep them healthy and active. Throughout the course of care, Melanie will discuss and involve you in the management of your condition and treatment.