Attention all York marathon runners!

 Injury Prevention

With only days to go until The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon it's more important than ever to stay injury free after all the hard work you have put in to date. Chiropractor Melanie Clark knows all too well about the perils of injuries prior to a major event, being a former swimming GB representative. Here are a few top tips on how you can avoid those last minute niggles.


Hopefully you don't have any, but if you do, now is the time to get them sorted.

Do not just rest it in the hope it will go away, because valuable time can pass while you do this. Even if an injury appears to have come out of nowhere, the underlying cause may have been bubbling under for some time. A chiropractor can get swiftly to the root of your injury by looking at the whole body and your run technique, can help you get back on your feet quickly. For example, just because your Achilles hurts, it doesn't mean that the problem originated there.


If you can't run as much as you would like, either through your legs not being able to cope with lots of running or through injury, don't just do nothing. If you can't run, there is usually something else you can do to stay fit.

Drinking on the run - practice, practice, practice!

Plan the final weeks of training and work backwards! The last really long run should be done by two weeks before the big day, so you should be on a gradual taper by now, to ensure you arrive on race day fresh enough to get round the race.


Train in what you will wear on race day so you know it won't chafe or give you blisters.

Eating in the last few days

Reduced training amounts and keeping up your normal high carbohydrate training diet should ensure that your muscle cells are full of glycogen fuel for race day. Word of warning: go easy on the fibre the day before the race! Keep well hydrated in these last few days, too.

Morning of the race

Know what you are going to have for breakfast. Practice having this - and running afterwards - before the big day. Get up early enough to have plenty of time to get ready without panicking, get to the start, with plenty of time for toilet trips etc

Enjoy the experience

Running a marathon is a huge achievement and you should be proud of yourself!

Melanie Clark is a chiropractor at The Clinic in Malton and a former swimming GB representative. The treatment of sports injuries is one of her passions as a chiropractor. Contact Malton Chiropractic at The Clinic on 01653 228026 or 07969050422.

If you are taking part and book before or after the marathon, Melanie will donate 10% of your bill to one of the partner charities of the 2013 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. To take advantage of this offer take your race number with you to your initial consultation. You can choose which charity you wish to donate the 10% to.

 Good luck!